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Pixel Starships is a role-playing and strategy game where you're at the helm of a spaceship, soaring through space and fighting tons of enemies. The ship is completely under your command. You can build new rooms, stock up on all kinds of weapons, recruit crew members, and much more.

Throughout your missions you're able to build upon and manage your spacecraft. To add new rooms or recruit new crew members you need resources, which you can gradually earn during your adventures. Rooms can be built however and wherever you choose. You also have the power to assign whichever tasks you want to the crew.

The battles in Pixel Starships are pretty similar to those found in the fantastic FTL: Faster Than Light. Your spaceship has a series of energy points which can be assigned to different sections, such as shields or weapons. Your goal: to do away with the rival spacecraft before they do the same to you.

Pixel Starships is a fabulous mix of role-playing and strategy, with an enthralling setting, charming pixelated graphics, and a captivating, addictive gameplay. It's an excellent title which draws upon the best games for inspiration.
Pixel Starships: A space MMORPG in 8-bit format

Role-play and strategy often go hand in hand thanks to features that generally marry quite well in each. An example of this is the cute, retro Pixel Starships, a video game with an old school look but a gameplay indebted to the latest trends. Time to hop aboard your ship and explore space through the lens of this pixellated treasure.
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Requires Android 4.3 or higher

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